About Us

Resort In Vikarabad

The Lodge

A few cottages clustered together remotely away from civilization creating an intimate feeling of staying in the wild. The lodge offers guests the freedom to feel their senses awaken in the perfect backdrop of stillness and privacy they seek.

With our limited guests policy and our warm hearted hospitality our guests leave feeling transformed with their loved ones and nature.

Accommodation and amenities

Materials like wood,cloth,iron,mud,rock along with rustic village furniture and fully glass panelled bedrooms create a sense of living rusticly wild.Our Country cottages are 1100 sqft of rural architecture,a living room, modern bathroom with shower,rustic beds ,work area and a glass walled bedroom with jungle view completely disconnects our guests with the busy city life.

other amenities include a 20x90ft infinity swimming pool with jungle view, a private MACHAAN for couple dinners, poolside dining, a rustic lobby hut, an open platform for celebrations 30x30 ft,a private group sit out area 25x25 ft, free parking, private campfires, jungle treks, nature walks and village food.

Check in - Check out times

Check-in time : 13h00
Check-out time: 11h00

Important notice

We do not operate like a resort, our lodge staff is local and from different walks of rural life. The lodge serves as a catalyst between wildlife habitat protection, eco-tourism and rural employment/benefits.

Our guests should understand that we operate remotely in a forest where we face constant challenges of nature and we manage accordingly. Stay with us if you like nature, wildlife, rural rusticness and peace.

Our Guided Team

There are a few special people in the world for whom working in the bush has been a lifelong dream. Our team's passion makes us what we truly are. Being surrounded by nature and connecting with people from all walks of life our sustainable eco-lodge property has helped collectively in bridging the gap between land, its wildlife and communities. At GrassWalk we are thrilled to work with such people, a handful of whom have recently stepped into new roles as our lodge managers and are playing the roles of our team heroes.